Log it and Reflect!

Now that we are nearing the end of January, have you taken stock of those resolutions you made? How do they look?

I’m not one for resolving to do many things. I do set goals, I like vision boards, but here is one thing that really works for me and I think makes all the difference. Are you ready for it??

Write your sh*t down.

What Are Your Goals?

Are you trying to lose weight? To start a blog? To get a promotion? Lots of people set goals for the future and all of a sudden, a few weeks go by and no progress has been made. How do you know what went right and what went wrong? If you are keeping a log, then you have a concrete way to reflect-and reflection is key!

Schedule Time to Reflect

When you reflect on your actions in black and white, you can hold yourself accountable instead of always living “in the future”-hoping, wishing, and waiting for the change to happen. Believe me, it is not going to happen this way. You can fix what you find is not working, and really create the future you crave. Plus, there are soooo many pretty journals, logs, and diaries available these days, who wouldn’t want to carry these babies around?

I’ve always kept a wellness log and I once lost 68 lbs. (and kept it off) but that’s another post! My newest log says, “Energy flows where attention goes.” I couldn’t agree more. Check out this Mindset Journal from Amazon. It’s so cool and schedules time for thought and reflection.

Are you willing to give it a try? Write down your goals and the steps that you are taking to get there. Make them tangible. Make time each week to take a look and ask yourself what worked and what didn’t and here’s the key…make the change. If you don’t know what you are doing wrong, you’ll stay in the same cycle you are trying to get out of.

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  • Angie

    This is a great idea!! This year I have been a little better at sticking with my goals but I like the idea of keeping track of what works and what doesn’t. Thanks for the post – I gotta go buy a new journal now. 😊

  • Jamie

    I love this! I stared a daily journal this year. There is a question prompt for each day to help you reflect on that one day. It’s designed for five years, so you can see how you grow over the years. It’s nice to reflect each evening. Thank you for your ideas as well!

  • Darlee

    I really think this is a great way to see how far one has come. I know it’s something I should actually do more of. And it certainly helps getting to sleep at night, because you’ve already written it down, so no need to worry about forgetting what needs one’s attention the next day.

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