All that Glitters…For Less

Hey, all! Want to know my biggest jewelry hack ever?  CVS! Wait, WHAAA?!?!

I Am at CVS

Yep – you heard me right. I have a few pieces from the I am line that I stumbled upon in CVS that are staples in my rotation. And guess what they cost…

$5.95 – $12.95 with the sterling pieces priced slightly higher. They’ll even go on clearance every now and then and I’ll get these babies for half price. With theses prices, it doesn’t even hurt to toss them when they get a little tarnished or dull. Mind blown, right?!?!

When I tell you it’s worth the extra time to browse the carousel, trust me! I have gotten more compliments on these pieces than most of my other “pricey” jewelry.

Who would’ve have guessed that while you are running into the drugstore to pick up Q-Tips, toothpaste, and deodorant you’d score some rockin’ new hoops?? Well, true story!! Try it for yourself-I’m sure you’ll find something great!


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