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My Foundation Fix

Full Disclosure, I am not a makeup guru. That said, I LOVE makeup and I LOVE trying lots of different things.

Let’s talk foundation. We all know that we wear different types of foundation for different seasons, events, moodsRIGHT???

I’m a firm believer that a girl should always have a few options of foundation in her bag to choose from for whatever the occasion. These are mine that I keep on hand (for now) and I’ll continually add more

This winter, I was on the hunt for the perfect foundation for my skin and my look – mostly au’ naturel by day and a bit bolder for date nights. And lo and behold – I think I found it. Well, a mix of two to be precise.

First, let me tell you that I have freckles, and spots, an uneven skin tone, and I’m over forty…YIKES…I guess that’s why I like foundation 🙂 But, seriously I like a foundation to cover and blend easily but not feel like a weight on my face. Ya hear me?

Here goes; my winter daily routine. I use a sponge (I am not a brush gal) and apply bareMinerals Bare Pro foundation under my eyes up to my temples and on my nose. These are typically the areas that need a little more coverage and the bareMinerals will do just that. You are essentially putting the foundation in a giant line from temple to temple. Remember dab – don’t rub. Now, dab a little on your chin and blend. Keep building until you’re happy with the coverage. Build and blend…Get it here: BarePro – Now, on to the next step.

Grab that cute little bottle of Hello Happy Benefit foundation. This is super-creamy and easy to apply. It is my newest find and I love it! Use Benefit wherever you didn’t use the bareMinerals. This will be the cheeks, forehead, and upper lip. It doesn’t give that cakey effect on those areas that don’t need as much coverage. Make sure you dab all the way down your jawline to your neck and blend, blend, blend. You’ll find that it is soooo super-easy with this foundation! And it doesn’t dry out your skin. Again, build and blend until you’re happy with the coverage. You can snag this at Amazon right here: Hello Happy Benefit Foundation

If you have trouble choosing the perfect shade, just grab a consultant at the shop and try out a few. Having the correct shades for your skin is key.

Hope you love the combo. Next, let’s talk about primers!

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