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How to Keep a Tidy Home

Just a Few Tips…

It’s not a big secret in  my circle that I like things tidy. Neat, clean, in order, everything in its place. You get the picture.

This doesn’t just happen. I used to drive myself crazy in the early days of my first apartment and then house with little ones running around at my feet. The feeling of needing to be perfect was all too present and overwhelming. Although I’ve since learned to relax some of those high standards a bit, I’ve also honed my preemptive tidying to save some time in that department. So, here are some tips keep your house tidy and save yourself from cleaning all weekend when  you just wanna have FUN!

Follow These Five Simple Tips:

-Stay Minimal. Don’t be like Grammy and have a million knick-knacks to dust. Less is more nowadays anyway. Having a tchotchke on every square inch of space is a little over the top, never mind the fact that having too much to clean around makes it overwhelming and you’re more likely to put it off.

-Clean and tidy as you go. I know this sounds like a no-brainer, but so many people don’t do it! Put that dish in the dishwasher, wipe the bathroom down with a clorox wipe once a day while you’re in there (it takes 2 minutes!), spray the counters after dinner, and give the floor a quick sweep. Really-you’ll be happy you did on Saturday or Sunday when you’re brunching with friends instead of spending hours on all the piled up housework.

-Keep your cleaning supplies handy. Clorox wipes/toilet bowl cleaner under the bathroom sink. Counter cleaner, Windex, under the kitchen sink. I use Thieves multi-purpose cleaner from Young Living. It is in a cabinet in every room in my house. It’s organic, deep cleaning, and doesn’t have that harsh chemical smell. Having all of your cleaners where you need them, when you need them, will take away the excuse not to clean in the moment. I promise-this will make your life easier.

-Have a place for everything– and put it there. Backpacks should have a hook in the coat closet, mail- a holder on the wall-you can definitely find one at Target! Do not, I repeat, DO NOT have a counter for a collection of junk to weed through every couple of weeks. Also-don’t keep food on your counter, there are cupboards for that. Only keep the appliances that you use frequently on counter tops to keep them from looking cluttered.

-Finally, make your bed. I know you’ve all heard this before but it’s so true. If you don’t do this, all will seem messy. My bed is my sanctuary. My favorite place in the house. Our kids have always said it is theirs, too 🙂 We splurge on nice sheets, comforters, and mattresses. There’s something to be said for a peaceful, fitful night’s sleep and there’s nothing like climbing into a nice cozy, comfy bed after a long day. We’ve recently upgraded our comforter, duvet, and sheets. Check these out from Amazon if you want to hop in the softest, comfiest bed after a long day! Go with white. It’s easier to care for than you think! And, it just feels soooo luxurious.

To Wrap it Up-

I know some people will read this post and say, “Well, duh! Just clean up after yourself.” But it’s more than that. It’s about being cognizant about your home and your time. Take some of these tips to heart and I hope you’ll have a little extra time for yourself. Also, when your home feels uncluttered, tidy, and neat- you’ll be surprised at how that can translate into other parts of your life. Happy Cleaning. X, Nicole

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