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Happy Women’s History Month! My book reviews are pretty on point for this time of year. For this month of the woman, I’m encouraging you to listen to these badass babes read their own words. I promise they will inspire, encourage, and motivate you to get off the couch and make things happen. So here they are, with no further ado…

The 5-Second Rule by Mel Robbins

Now I know you’ve heard this name in the self-help/motivational arena before and that is not by mistake. In The 5-Second Rule, Mel gives a simple tool that consists of counting down from 5, acting on your instincts, and not giving yourself the time to talk yourself out of whatever it is you are thinking about. It can be anything from getting out of bed to leaving your job. It’s a powerful message about taking action, but also gives a tool, The 5-Second Rule, to use. Although the book can seem a bit long and drawn out at times, it’s definitely worth the listen.

You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero

I Love, Love, Love Jen Sincero. In You are a Badass, she’s a little new-agey by talking about achieving your desires by raising your frequency and finding your source energy, but it resonates. The book has 27 chapters with titles like Your Brain is Your B**tch, Fear is For Suckers, and Gratitude, the Gateway Drug to Awesomeness and Jen reads them with personality that certainly fits the content. This self-help book takes a no-nonsense approach at channeling your inner Badass and reminding yourself through positive affirmations and meditation and such that you are capable of anything. What I appreciate most about this book is the way she inspires people to be confident and live their best life instead of settling for less than what they dream of. This book and the reading by Jen Sincero herself will give you the kick in the a** that you need to reflect and to get moving toward your very specific goals.

Becoming by Michelle Obama

Becoming tells of Michelle’s experiences as a child in the southside of Chicago in elementary school through her years after leaving the White House. She is inspiring and compelling while recounting her years listening to her grandfather’s records as a child, working countless unrewarding hours as a lawyer, and maintaining a long distance relationship with Barak Obama. I especially loved the insights gained into her and Barak’s relationship and their time in the White House as a family.

This has been, by far, my FAVORITE book to listen to. Michelle tells her story from her heart. The content of the book is terrific; by coming straight from her it makes it even better. You feel like she’s telling you her story as her friend. My hope is that this is not the last we see or hear of Michelle Obama. She is young, strong, smart, and the world can use her to make it a better place. I strongly recommend a listen to Becoming by Michelle Obama. If there is only one book you listen to-make it hers, hear her words from her!  Republicans and Democrats alike will love it. I promise.

To listen to audiobooks, I subscribe to Audible. I cannot recommend this service enough. You can go for the one book a month subscription or more. I go for more because I listen…a lot. Check out Audible options here (and get two free credits!) or even gift a subscription. I hope you loved my reviews this month! Happy listening. X, Nicole


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