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Six Spring Must Haves

*This post contains mature language. Read at your own discretion.

It’s that time of the month again! The super-fun one. The time when I give you everything I must have for this time of year and I know you’ll love them too.

It’s April and we are finally seeing Spring rear her pretty little head and I couldn’t be more excited. This month’s wants are definitely geared with outdoor dinners, sunny skies, and whimsical nights in mind. This is the time we all really start thinking about the outdoors and what we need to do to get ready for the change of the season – be it what we wear, spring cleaning inside, spring cleaning outside, and starting to really crack down on our eating and exercise habits. I’ve put together a really rad list this month and I’m sure you’re going to find something new to get to show yourself a little love. Enjoy shopping 😉

What I Want This Spring!

1. Casual Loose Pocket Maxi Dress. This dress has Spring written all over it. It comes in many colors and the back has a cool cut-out on the top. I must confess, I already grabbed myself one of these – and I love it! I recently wore it to a brunch with a short, soft white sweater. It’s so comfy and I got so many compliments. There are slits on both sides, so you can tie up the front for a cute, flirty look. You cannot beat the value for the price. 2. Blue Light Protection Glasses. The last time we were at the eye doctor, he suggested that we get glasses that block the blue light from all the screens we stare at all day – the phone, the computer, the iPad. This is true even for people without problem eyesight. Check out these Blue Light Blocking Glasses. Just like we all take care of our skin, our heart, get manicures- our eyes are no different! Even if you don’t need a prescription, protect your eyes from the harmful blue-light that we are all constantly exposed to, and look super-cute in the process. There are varying priced blue-light blocking glasses on the market now, but these are stylish, affordable, and get the job done. 3. Joycuff Keep F**ing Going Bracelet. I don’t know about you, but Spring makes me want to embark on new adventures and to try new things. There are times when I need a little reminder to keep my eyes on the prize and this Bangle Bracelet says it pretty matter of factly. So, if you’re working toward a goal and need reminding every once in a while to, ahem, not give up – then this bracelet is for you!

Top: Maxi Dress Middle: BL Blocking Glasses Bottom: Bangle Bracelet

4. Outdoor Pizza Oven. YOU WILL LOVE THIS. We gifted this to my in-laws a couple of Christmases ago and it. is. so. fun. Instead of barbecuing, we have make your own pizza parties and they are always a hit. Typically, they use premade crust, put out sauces, cheese and lots of toppings.  Everyone gets to make their own pizzas. Even our teenagers want to have their friends over for pizza parties – YES, please. Any time we can spend time with them and their friends is a gift. Even more fun is they order takeout pizza boxes from Amazon for people to take their leftovers home! 5. Hunter Lightweight Rubberized Tote. As I was looking for the new boots of the season, I came across these new Hunter bags. I had flashbacks of sitting at the lacrosse and baseball fields in March and April and wish I had this bag. Actually, I still do. I love the size. I love that it is water resistant. I love the colors. And I love Hunter products. 6. Rose Quartz Roller. I have been seeing these all over the place. I need to see what all the fuss is about! Plus, I’m down for anything that is this easy and this beneficial.

Left: Hunter Tote Right: Pronto Pizza Oven Bottom: Quartz Roller

There you have it. I hope I’ve given you a thing or two to take an extra look at. Treat yourself. YOU DESERVE IT! X, Nicole

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