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My Stitch Fix Review

I know there are mixed feelings out there about Stitch Fix and whether it’s worth subscribing to the well known clothing and accessory club. I’ve been subscribing to Stitch Fix for just about two years now. At first I loved everything that was sent to me. It was new, freshened up my wardrobe, and threw a few pieces in there that I typically wouldn’t buy for myself. After eight or so months of this, the fixes seemed to lose a little luster. The fixes weren’t as exciting, the clothes as refreshing. I found myself sending whole shipments back or just keeping one piece to not lose the $20 styling fee. When I had time to give my stylist specific feedback, the shipments hit the mark a bit more. Let me tell you about the last couple of fixes.

Fix One

Okay, when you see the box with the Stitch Fix tape across the opening, it is pretty exciting. Not knowing what you’re going to get, hoping it’s something good – it’s kinda like Christmas. But as I opened this Fix and started to pull out the clothes, which are always wrapped and protected perfectly, I was a tiny bit…disappointed. It was a very casual, athletic wear type fix and I didn’t dislike anything; matter of fact, I kept everything. I just wasn’t in love with any pieces and there wasn’t anything in this Fix that I wouldn’t buy for myself if I had the time. Maybe that is what some people are looking for, a time saver, but I would like one or two things that I am struck by if I am using a stylist.

The Goods in Fix One

Two Pocket Cardigan, $44. Great quality for the price. I did like this cardi and felt like I could wear this with almost anything so I added it to my major cardigan collection. Raglan Knit Top, $42. Lightweight top that can be paired with jeans, denim or colored. Cute flowers on the sleeves made it a keeper. Distressed Boyfriend Jean, $88. I actually loved the color of these jeans and they fit nicely. Thought the price was a tiny bit high, but the quality is good. Brushed Knit Hoodie, $38. This is a cute athletic top and can be paired with jeans or yoga pants. V-Neck Knit T, $28. Who can’t use another quality black t-shirt?

Fix One Total…

Do you see what I mean by nothing awe-inspiring? Also, nothing I wanted to send back right away. The total of this Stitch Fix was $240.00. If you buy all five items, you get a 25% discount; quite an incentive. Gets me almost every time I want to keep more than two things! So, the discount on this Fix is $60 and you always get the $20 styling fee (paid by you when the stylist creates your Fix) as a credit with any purchase. I paid $160 for this Fix. Does this work for you?

Fix Two

Since the last Fix was mostly casual, I sent a note to my stylist and requested mostly Spring-inspired dresses and pair of shoes. This is exactly what I got! At first glance, I thought the dresses were all a bit too similar – no sleeves, flair dresses. I also think the stylists look at your past purchases and try to replicate them a little too closely. But, because I am a big knit dress gal, I kept them all. They fit well, are made well, and once I tried them on, They didn’t seem as similar as I thought.

What’s in Fix Two

Lace-Up Wedges, $60. I really like these shoes. Not sure I would wear them with any of the dresses that were in this Fix, but definitely with other outfits. Patterned Knit Dress, $42. Love the colors of this dress. It can be layered right now for the cooler weather and without anything for the summer. Flowered Knit Dress, $40. This is a super-comfy dress. You can throw a cardigan or denim jacket on with this one for the Spring and just some sandals for the summer. Embroidered Dress, $68. I thought this price was a little high, but the dress is cute. This one is a little dressier than the other knit dresses. The embroidery adds nice detail. Faux Wrap Knit Dress, $54. The colors of this “wrap” dress are great. It will be fabulous paired with a white jacket or sweater in the cooler weather.

Fix Two Total…

The total for everything in Fix two is $264. If I buy all five pieces that my stylist chose for me, I get the 25% discount of $66. With my $20 styling fee credit, it brings the order total to $178. I think that is very reasonable for four dresses and a pair of very comfortable wedges. Needless to say, I kept them all!

Sometimes I think that I can find some of these pieces, the knit dresses, the athletic shirts, the hoodies, at TJ Maxx or Marshalls at a lower price- but you are not getting the quality you do with Stitch Fix. In some cases, you might be able to pay $19 for a similar top instead of $34 but after two washes, the thread of said $19 top is coming apart at the seams. Or, that knit dress is just a little thinner and more see-through than it was the last time. Keep that in mind when you’re looking at the prices.

The Takeaway

There you have it. My take on two Stitch Fixes! I’ll keep going with the Fixes (Sorry, Hubby!) especially since the seasons are a-changing and I do love a wardrobe refresh! If you are feeling like you’d like to give it a try, send me some love and use THIS LINK. You’ll also get a $25 reward! Happy Fixing!  X, Nicole

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  • Erin Bishop

    Love this article on stitch fix! I’ve been thinking about trying this… thank you for your insight on the process.

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