Sassy Style

Okay, so there is a running joke in my family that I was wearing Sperry’s before Sperry’s became “the thing” to wear. And it’s true. I wore them for probably about a decade before everyone jumped on my bandwagon. And combat boots for women. I did that, too;) Among many other things…

Now, hold your hats, ladies…I’m bringing back the banana clip next! (Seriously, I would REALLY love that but my stylist friend says it’s a no-go.) I might rebel, though.

I’m just saying that I’m kinda in tune with what’s up in the fashion, style, makeup arena. (Insert my son’s laugh here, although he knows it’s completely true!) If I can’t do it, I know who to look to who can. I will totally be inserting their links, videos, and posts to enrich this content and your lives! Check out my first post on the winter foundation mix – My Foundation Fix.

Posts to look forward to in Sassy Style:

  • My Stitch Fix
  • Sassy Weekday Wear
  • Weekend Go-To’s
  • Shimmery Shades
  • Best Makeup/Hair/Body Products
  • Your Eyebrow Game
  • Microblading
  • Keratin Eyelash Lift
  • and Many More…

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