Simple Living

Life can be busy, overwhelming, fantastic, confusing, sad, happy, hopeful, FUN…you name it-we’ve all probably felt it at one point or another. There have been times in my life when I found myself waiting for the next moment, the next paycheck, the next weekend. That’s when I came to the realization that while I was waiting for the next time, I wasn’t fully appreciating all the Simple, lovely, everyday things that makes up LIFE.

My goal ever since then was to try to create a life for my myself and my family that is simple and enjoyable. A life that makes us enjoy the Mondays sitting at the kitchen island doing homework together and weeknight workouts (well, highly tolerate them, anyway 🙂 ). I knew one day (it’s now for me) that I would look back and miss these days with all my heart.


All this said, I do still have a high standard of cleanliness and tidiness. This not something I can help. I do have many tricks up my sleeve that helps me maintain my standards without constantly tidying up. But, that’s a whole other article for you.


I also have a keen eye for decorating on a budget. I love the glossy mags, shopping online, and keeping an eye on the trends, but tbh, I don’t have the endless budget that seems to come with some of the redecorating! I do however, have a savvy eye for pieces at Home Goods and the places alike that won’t break the bank! In Simple Living, I’ll share my decorating tips with you.


On the FUN side of Simple Living, I have a core group of amazing friends. The four of us have been together and there for each other since grade school and high school. You’ll be hearing about our escapades a lot. They are the people I can let loose with and tell anything to. To be fully happy and healthy, a girl should have a friend or two that she feels like she can be totally herself with. These are mine 🙂

Here are just some of the posts you’ll find in Simple Living:

  • How to Keep Your Home Tidy
  • My Life With My Besties of 25 Years
  • How to Make and Keep Friends
  • Redecorating on a Budget
  • Target Finds You NEED That You Didn’t Know Existed
  • Date Night Ideas
  • See My Home
  • 10 Reasons to Watch My Fave TV Show…
  • How to Keep It Steamy
  • Events I Attend
  • and so many more…

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