What I’m Reading

So, I am and avid reader. Well, a listener and reader. I consume on average about four books a month. And, wait until you hear about the types of books I choose-they range from thrillers to rom-coms, historical bios to sci-fi.

The decision to read or listen is based on a few things. One is what’s convenient. I need to be listening and reading at all times. You know those mindless and route activities like driving, cleaning, cooking – they just go by so much faster and more pleasantly. The narrator is another big one. If the author is reading the novel, that can be compelling and if one of my fave narrators is reading – that’s a must to listen, too. Check out my thoughts on The Death of Mrs. Westaway.

I would love to share What I am Reading with all of you. I’ll let you know if I’m listening, be it on Audible or Scribd, or with book in hand. Hopefully, I’ll inspire you to pick up a book, kindle, or some earbuds and join in my discussion.

Happy reading. X, Nicole

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  • Leina Ussin

    Omg! Four books a month! That is beyond inspiring! I’m lucky if I can get through one book! Lol you must tell me your secret! Definitely look forward to reading more from you!

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