Simply Healthy

For those of you who want to live a Simply Healthy life, look no further! Well, seriously, my aim is to share what I do to make my world a little healthier for me and my family. The types of posts that you’ll find here are about essential oils, food, exercise, medication, and lots of things along those lines. Sounds promising, right?!?!

To be completely honest with everyone, which I will always be, I have some weeks and months that are better than others on this front. We live in a world FULL of Temptations and always being on point is HARD WORK! I do my best, which is pretty good, and I want to share it with the world.

That said, I try to be healthy in the SIMPLEST way possible. As I’m sure is the case with you, I can’t spend hours and hours on exercise routines and meal planning and cooking. After all, I have school to teach and a blog to write 🙂


On the food front – I don’t have the most sophisticated palette, but I don’t want to eat like an eighteen year old, either. I find ways to make healthy, tasty, simple meals that are full of variety.


I want to go to a gym that I feel comfortable doing my exercise routine. No need for the cute co-ed behind me while I’m about to attempt downward dog because membership is $10 a month and they give out pizza on Mondays.


I also try to find alternatives to medications if possible, I want to put healthy things on my skin, in my hair, on my dogDo you see where I’m going with this? Check out my EO Recipe for Youth Serum here: “Youth Serum”

Some posts you can look forward to in Simply Healthy are:

  • My Month on the Whole 30
  • My Go-To Apps
  • Easy Weeknight Dinners
  • DIY Essential Oil Recipes
  • My Exercise Routine
  • The Diet Craze and What Works
  • How I Lost 65lbs. (and kept it off!)
  • CBD Oils
  • and many more….

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